Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another snow (?) day in Chagrin

Hey there!

I had every intention of sitting down on Monday but here it is Wednesday already! The kids are home for a snow day (again) but at least I don't have to run home to walk the dog! It's really more of an ice day. So far we've had a no power day, a slush day, a really really cold day, and a real snow day. I think they are all used up so Spring better come soon!

It's been a busy week at LMS (little monogram shop) getting ready for spring. Even if the snow and ice are still hanging around we're doing our best to escort Spring back to Chagrin Falls. Last Thursday we re-did the windows for Easter. I wasn't sure we'd be able to do the window because the adorable moss rabbits I ordered hadn't arrived as of Wednesday morning, but that afternoon 20 large boxes arrived and Brooke and I set to work unpacking. All the window display items arrived and all the fabulous tin buckets for Easter, too. It actually worked out quite well, as we didn't have to store everything in our tiny hallway waiting for the window date. It always feels strange to put bunnies in the window when it's 34 degrees outside, but none-the-less, bunnies, baskets and seersucker dresses are in the window. And it looks very refreshing, if I do say so myself.

Inside the store is also starting to blossom - pinks and greens (always our staple) are gradually replacing blacks and browns of winter. As I mentioned above, we've got dozens of new colorful tins in different shapes and sizes that we can personalize with any name. They make great Easter baskets and afterwards great storage containers for toys, mail, magazines, etc.

New signs just arrived yesterday from Hung on Words. Cute colors and phrases, such as: Call Your Mother, At the Falls, and Please Come In (okay, so that last one isn't a cute phrase but it is very useful). We can always order custom signs, too, in any color combo you like.

Another great item we got in last week are metal frames in two styles that work great with the Stephen Joseph letter magnets. We have a scalloped style and two sizes of easel all available in five colors (white, black, pink, blue, green). We've added a contrasting ribbon to one the scallop frames for extra flair. These are a great price point for birthday gifts - under $20 for the frame and 6 letters.

Stay warm and take care,


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